Monday, October 15, 2007

But Wait! That's not all....

On Newport’s famous Cliff Walk, we walked off lunch by taking turns at which estate we would buy should that lotto thing work out. You know the property taxes must be high when even the very, VERY rich can't afford it. Most of the mansions have been turned into museums or school buildings.

Once the sun went down, we headed back to Thames Street and sought comfort in the Brick Alley Pub.

Two words: Espresso Steak.

Ok, I am a steak fan, and I have heard of this before but never had a chance to try it. Let me tell you, they take a prime NY strip and dry rub it in ground espresso prior to grilling. What a wonderful smokey, complex flavor! And, it was just the thing to perk me up for the long drive home.

With the PDN expo coming up this week, there will surely be some exciting things going on. If you will be at the expo, and want to meet up, let me know. I would enjoy it.

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