Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby is almost a week overdue...

Almost a week past her due date and still no baby. My wife and I were at the Doctor's today and all is well. While the Doctor said Friday we will induce...I jokingly suggested going for a ride at Great Adventure's Free Fall ride. I am confident we would have a baby at the end of the ride. If you have never been, Free Fall is a 13 story drop with a horizontal, but sudden stop at the end.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Photowalking Astoria

In the heart of Astoria, just blocks from Parisi bakery and Omonia Cafe.

My wife was kidnapped from Astoria to come to the Suburbs with me.

We go back a few times a year to walk around and reminisce. Our first date was at Cafe Bar and we spent many a cold night in front of the fireplace at Sac's Pizza.

Why you should always keep a cell phone around

I am convinced that it is someones job to go around to all the payphones and disable them or smear them with a substance that you would not want near you.

Strangely, on Steinway Street, there is a cell phone store every 74 feet, with every brand you have ever heard of. Sometimes you will even find a Sprint store, four stores from another Sprint store. I am not saying the payphone situation and the cell stores are related....

Sac's Pizza

Sac's holds a special place in my heart for two reasons, first, it was a date place for my wife and I and we have some nice memories there, huddled next to the fireplace on a cold night. But also...the pizza. I am convinced the the further from NY one gets, the more round bread with pasta sauce and cheese, pizza becomes. Well, maybe in the old days the epicenter of good pizza was Little Italy. But since there is only one block of Little Italy left and most of that is Korean T shirt shops, Astoria now holds the title of best pizza in NY, at least in my opinion. Hand made, old world style with a crust that is thin but not paper thin, fresh made mozzarella and just the right amount of home made sauce. Our favorite is with prosciutto and sun dried tomatoes. If artichokes are in season, you are up for a treat because they have a panfried aritchoke appitizer that is really sweet and mild. You will mop up the warm olive oil from them with your pizza crust until there is nothing left. They are that good. And while they do have a nice selection of wine, they also have an unexpected treat; a few beers from my favorite brewery, Ommegang. You folks know I am a sucker for good Belgian style beers.

Sac's Pizza


Sac's Pizza

Fresh artichokes, pan fried in olive oil and spices.

The last Checker Cab in NY?

While the last working Checker cab in NY stopped a few years ago, you still see them from time to time on the streets. This one belongs to the TaxiKing, whomever that is. In nice shape for a 1979. A little rust on the rocker panels, but hey, you know how many NYC miles are on this thing!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Wet Day in NY

3Am thunderstorms in January, 60 degress and soaking wet out. Maybe this Global Warming thing won't be so bad. Heck, by the time I am ready to retire, Long Island will be the new Florida.