Friday, May 23, 2008

The Few, The Proud, The Band? Fleet Week NY

Fathers, lock up your Daughters...Fleet week is here!
The Maestro !

Forget politics. Forget if we should be doing what in whatever godforsaken part of the World. That is not these folks decision.
These folks are soldiers, in one way or another and they follow orders. Jack says "They follow orders or people die. It's that simple".

These men and women are working hard, risking their lives for our freedom. If you see military personnel on the street, take a moment to stop them and just say "Thanks! I appreciate what you do". Buying them a cold beer would be a nice gesture too.
I bumped into these Navy Band members walking from Penn to Rock Centre this Morning. They were "Armed and Ready" to play. Really nice group of people. Some of them were a little overwhelmed at being in NYC.

Am I going to be on TV? Hi Mom!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long Beach Breast Cancer Coalition 11th Annual Walk to Erase

My heart is always with the beach community that I grew up in and I try to find ways to give back to Long Beach. One way is by providing event coverage for the Long Beach Breast Cancer Coalition. Today they had their 11th Annual Walk to Erase, Family Fun Walk. You can learn more about the LBBCC at:

There was a large turnout and a lot of last minute registrations, as passers by realized what a great cause was being supported. The weather was perfect, mid 60's with a light breeze and a just right sunny day.

Look back to this blog and on the J. Mitchel Photography proofs site for all the images from the day.

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I also have a gallery week coming up June 9th, at Grind Coffeehouse in Bellmore, so stop by to gain a viewpoint Long Beach and NY you may not have seen.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Janeda & Michael's Engagement Session...Sneak Peak

If you read my blog regularly (Hi Mom!), you know that the blog rarely has Wedding images on it. I have been using it more as a sort of get to know me on the personal side kind of thing. Just images from my daily travels, meandering thoughts kinda thing. But Janeda specifically here it is:
A sneak peak image from Saturday's engagement session
Janeda and Michael are diehard Mets fans, and got some great seats last night at the last minute. Sounds like it was a good Mets game last night...even if they didn't win this time. Pssst. Want to see some cool Mets pictures? Check on on my website, the real estate images section...then click on Citi Field. I shoot for the construction company building the new stadium and did a marketing shoot for the mock ups of the new Sky Booths in the stadium.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Is the Economy affecting your Wedding Budget?

Harder times are starting to take hold and many folks are cutting back on luxuries and giving serious thought to their own personal "Latte Factor". Even Kitty here, caught on 5th Ave in NYC begging for a saucer of cream, is starting to feel the pinch and is willing to go to half & half.

Your Wedding is a once in a lifetime event. But that doesn't mean the best way to start a marriage is to put yourself in debt paying for your Wedding. There are tons of ways to make your Wedding budget go further while having a beautiful, memorable and elegant event.

Think about stacking beautifully wrapped favors as centerpieces instead of the traditional flowers. They make a wonderful presentation, can be color coordinated to your look, no one has allergies to them, no one fights over who takes them home because everyone gets one save on flowers because you are giving the favors anyway.

Another way to make your Wedding buget go further is to look beyond the Wedding Factory photography studios and the venue's house vendor list that treat Weddings as a boring chore. Using a smaller, independent photographer can often get you more creative images, more personal attention and a far better value.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Macro Mondays...Today's Post on noticing the beauty around You

Boring ride to the office today on my usual 7:32 from Baldwin to Penn. But there is beauty and a unique view almost anywhere if you look hard enough.
This first of three images is the treeline thru the train window at normal view. Notice how the acid rain marks balance the light and dark green of the trees as we fly by? Abstract, but kinda cool anyway.
Take a look at the lettering molded into the window. Gotta love that GE makes light bulbs, jet engines, nuclear submarines and train windows. They got all their bases covered.

Now lets take a closer look at that lettering...See how the light has changed and now it is smooth tones black to white? You can see how the letters were melted into the window and appear almost chrome like. The acid marks have depth.

Last one, then you can move on...I promise.
The letters are chrome now, as if raised from a steel plate, cold and forboding. If the Terminator were Italian, he might be made from an advanced Atofina alloy.

Amazing how the view and the story changes the closer you get.

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