Friday, December 28, 2007

'Tis the Season...

...To get on a plane, bus, train or ship, and come visit NYC. I am in Rockefeller Center just about every day and I can tell you that I have never seen it more crowded that in the last few days. The big tree captures most people, like a tractor beam and they fight to be free and find other treasures.
Today people were absolutely enthralled with the Zamboni at the Rock Center Rink. They ooohed and aaahed as it magically skimmed the ice and then the driver tucked it back into it's cubby hole.
As soon as the all clear rang out, the ice was filled to capacity with skaters possessing all levels of balance. You know how drunk people think they can fight like Mike Tyson? Well, I have come to the conclusion that the tourists have decided that upon entering the 5 boroughs, they magically turn in to Brian Boitano. And folks, I have got to tell you, sometimes it is down right entertaining. Mark my words, seeing Blades of Glory on the airplane does NOT mean you can do a triple axel without tasting the ice.

I will grab a sandwich and people watch, maybe talking with some tourists with questions about what to see, where to go and what to eat.

Other than talking with folks from far away places I watch how people take pictures. It is a torturing experience for me because the photojournalist in me wants to just observe them and learn their story, while the photographer in me wants to coach them...just move a little lower and to the right...thats it, now wait 5 seconds until the big guy in the white shirt out of the shade...the shirt will bounce a bunch of light in your daughters face and really make it stand out from the tree in the background.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas time in NY

Well, it is about that time...we are coming down to the wire. Hordes of merry folks are flocking to see the big tree in Rockefeller Center. If you go to join them, take a moment and look for the amazing NY scenes that most folks miss. They are everywhere!
I finally got my Sony K790A linked to my blog, so you will start to see a lot more images that has little or no text. The Cameraphone takes great images (for a cameraphone) but I hate typing on the little keypad, so I will let the images do the talking.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Six Weeks Until My Life Changes Forever !

Only Six Weeks Left!

My Wife and I have our first bun in the oven and she is almost done baking. In late January, we will be having our first child.
We are so excited we are silly about it. This quick snap doesn't quite do her justice because I have never seen my Wife more beautiful.

Even this late in the game, my Wife is not slowing down and vows to keep working until the last. When not playing marketing guru, she is domestic goddess extraordinaire. She went nuts cooking for Thanksgiving, and this year Festivus falls on New Years Eve, so we are combining parties and she is gearing up for entertaining a house full of friends.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Ok, we hope it isn't shocking actually. But walking the streets of New York, you do come across some interesting views. After a rash of electrical mishaps where traffic signal poles and manhole covers seem to be mysterically electrified, I thought this just screamed "FIX ME".

51 St between Broadway and 6th Ave.

And you thought the cop car in Transformers was HOT!

I always thought the the hot cars used on shows like Miami Vice (wow, I am showing my age here, huh?) were bogus. Cops don't get to drive around in Ferraris....or maybe they do.
Walking around NYC today I saw a nice ride. Somehow, somebody very important gets a ride in a Rolls Royce with Mount Vernon Police tags.
Obviously on official Police business as the car was parked at a hydrant on 6th Ave.
Maybe the Maybach is in the shop?