Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jill & Michael's Wedding! It was a HOT one!

Yeah, was a little warm out. The Groomsmen were pretty much melting under the bright sun.
The ceremony was classic, and Jill looked superbly elegant.
The Bridal Party was lookin' SHARP!

But the party...the party was downright HOT! Jill and Michael can dance! Their family and friends were tearing up the dance floor at The White House during the reception.

I shoot and train with a great group of local photographers and I was fortunate enough to have Taria from Personal Touch Photography working with me. She is a master at organizing formals and has an easygoing style that works well with her ability to get people where you need them for a great image.
Check out her blog at

Also check out the proofing site from J. Mitchel Photography July 13th, when you will start to see the images from Jill and Michael's Wedding online!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wedding Day! Jill & Mike are getting Married Today!

Jill and Mike are getting Married Today!

They are a really great couple. We had so much fun doing the E-session! I will be shooting their Wedding Today in Middle Village and the reception in Whitestone. Look for updates tomorrow and if you know them, then you know the password to see their pics on the proofing site!

First Tomato of the Season!

It is going to be a good day today. Walked out into the garden with the baby this Morning to feed the last remaining Koi (the racoons treat my pond like a sushi bar!) and we stumbled upon the first ripe tomato of the season!

Friday, June 27, 2008

It is all in the viewpoint...

There are a million great images, all around you.

J. Mitchel Photography steps away from the cliché and tells the story with a unique twist.

Thinking creatively will get you images out of the ordinary, whether you are shooting a wedding or just saying what a gray day it is in NYC.

J. Mitchel Photography provides the best creative Wedding Photography for select Brides in the NY Metro area. Amazing NYC and Long Island Wedding Photography starting at just $1500.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Baby Update...First Food That Is Not In A Bottle!

Well, it had to happen sometime...Sunny Logann, my Daughter has been staring longingly at my wife and I every time we eat. So, after consulting our Dr., Today was the day for rice cereal mush.
UHHH! What is this stuff!

THIS is what food tastes like? I am NOT impressed.
Well, just to make you happy, I finished a few ounces. Let me just wipe the taste out of my mouth. That stuff is gross. Give me my bottle back.
That eating...that is some hard work. I'm wiped out. I am just going to take a nap while finishing my bott zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jill & Michael's Engagement Shoot

Jill & Michael met me at the beach for our engagement session early on Saturday. We ran 4 or 5 locations and made some amazing images and even took a break from the hot sun at Marvel !

For this one, we were going for a South Pacific kind of feel. Rogers and Hammerstein always provide good inspiration and Jill and Michael wandered the beach to find just the right shells for what they wanted to say to each other.
More images to be posted of this session on the Proofing site and the J. Mitchel Photography website.

J. Mitchel Photography provides the best in Long Island Wedding Photography.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Transition Week for Sunny

Time for my Wife Erica to go back to the office. Because we are both in NYC just about every day, it seemed the best place to look for day care. Yeah...I know. We are not happy about it either. But at this point in our lives, day care seems like the best option for us until that Lotto thing works out.

We found an awesome place half way between our offices so we can see our daughter during the day from time to time. Great place, but I kid you is pretty close to what our mortgage is.

So to transition both Sunny and Erica in to commuter mode, we started off with transition week where they both softly transition to work and preschool mode. Neither of them were happy about it.

Like most bitter pills, we started off with something fun. Two hours of preschool, then the rest of the day with Mommy and Daddy.

What....should we do?

How about a nice lunch...

Mmmmm, Cuban sandwich!
(No! We did not actually feed a 4 Month old a Cuban Sandwhich)

Then the zoo!

She slept through the WHOLE THING!

"Easy Doc! Do you need your whole fist in there?"


Then a walk in the park to relax...
And listen to some great music!