Monday, April 28, 2008

Neon Taxi Fetish

Those who read my blog from time to time know I have a thing for NYC taxis and neon together. This morning's wet weather provided a slippery racetrack for the yellow speed demons. Only this driver's intense focus and nerves of steel keep him ahead of the pack. You can hear "Radar Love" blasting thru the glass.

This MIB Agent is just popping out of HyperDrive on 6th Ave. And you thought Men In Black was just a movie...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't even THINK about it!

New Yorkers are not rude.
It's just that we are direct. No parking, No standing, No Nothin'!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Macro Mondays...

Macro Mondays are a weekly look at the world close up. Usually there is a story in the image. Today...the story is simple.

The Months before your Wedding are going to be hectic. The Weeks before will be chaotic and move faster than you thought possible. Write tasks down. Work a plan.
Keep your Fiance involved. Don't get caught up in the preparations too much to spend quality time together. You will only do this make sure to make some happy memories of the process.

Grooms-to-be who are reading this...Plan a surprise for her for no reason. Maybe it is flowers delivered to her office, maybe it is a hand made sign stuck at her exit on the Southern State. Do something spontaneous for her.

J. Mitchel Photography provides the best in affordable Wedding and Event photography in the NY Metro area.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Long Island Wedding Photography

Sharpening the Skills....always working to sharpen the skills. I have fun last night at a marathon seminar that didn't let out until after 11PM. Ed Pierce is a master with over 30 years experience and his Captivated by the light tour presents some new ways of solving traditional lighting problems in a digital environment.

Not only did I gain some really great insight from the speakers into what I am doing well and why, but I learned a few new tricks and even won the raffle! I love presenting my work on framed Canvas and I won a nice 16x20 canvas print credit from WHCC, one of the Pro Only vendors I use to give my Brides the very best in prints.
By constantly sharpening my skills, I can provide the very best in Long Island and Metro NY Wedding Photography.
Interestingly, one of the hot topics of the forums was how the "wedding factory" photographers try to stay fresh and creative. I was not surprised when the straw poll came back that out of 350 seminar participants, when the question was asked: "How many of you shoot weddings"?. Almost every hand went up. "Now put your hand down if you shoot ONLY weddings" Ed said. There were three hands left, including mine.
Ed asked "Why? How can you stay creative like that"?
Parker Pfister ( ) had a very insightful presentation that summed up my philosophy... By shooting for yourself...a creative outlet in landscapes and the world around you, you can see, shoot and capture the story of your Brides Wedding day in ways you would never notice when you only shoot if you get paid for the shot...when you shoot only weddings.
J. Mitchel Photography provides the best in creative editorial Wedding and event photography in the NY Metro area. By shooting with an artists eye and mindset, I get the shots that the Wedding Factories who shoot 2 or 3 weddings each weekend can't. They get tunnelvision and resort to shooting the same stale shots week after week.
Each event is special to me, and it shows in the images.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Toy on the Way !

I had so much fun with the ringflash a few weeks ago when shooting a class in NYC, that I just ordered one. Look forward to some really great engagement shoots with a high fashion look in unique locations! J. Mitchel Photography offers inexpensive NYC and Long Island Wedding Photography.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Since I am getting my taxes done today,

Since I am getting my taxes done today, this seemed appropriate.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How nice was the weather Today?

So nice that there were more folks waterskiing than iceskating at Rock Center Rink today.
The sun made short work of the ice at Rockefeller Center today. A balmy 74 degrees in Midtown. That was not going to slow down this guy...

Website is Down Temporarily...

Updated 7PM, Dynamods got their act together and we are back up and running.

Dynamods, my webhost, seems to be having some issues at the moment. The have been great, with zero downtime in the last 12 months, so I am cutting them some slack. The site should be back up shortly. This is affecting my email as well, so please call me if it is urgent, at 516 236 9277.

For recent Weddings and Corporate Interiors clients, you are able to view your images on the separately run proofing site at: and enter your password for access to your secret folder.

I appologize for the outage and lookforward to having the website up shortly.



Monday, April 7, 2008

Macro Mondays

As an Long Island Wedding Photographer I need to always be looking for the hidden image in plain sight. Sometimes that means not only seeing the forest for the trees, but finding the hidden beauty, even when the trees aren't looking so hot. So, Monday's I am going to find something unexpected in everyday life. is a lush view of green fields of Waimea Canyon in the mountains of Kauai.

Or maybe it is just some moss on a tree stump. You decide.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What makes Wedding Photography so expensive?

J. Mitchel Photography provides outstanding wedding photography at accessible prices.

Weddings starting at just $1500.

Because my photography is done on location, I don't need an expensive storefront studio. That means I can price weddings at an affordable level for creative, professional pictures.

To provide creative and dramatic images I am always sharpening my skills and learning new techniques. I frequently attend seminars and training programs on every facet of my studio's business, from photoshop, lens work, lighting...even a marketing class now and then.
Today, I am spending the day with the President of Lumedyne Lighting, D. J. LaDez. We are discussing some new ideas on using studio strobes on the streets of NYC.

Take photos in NY and nobody blinks. Have some decent off camera lighting and a couple of attractive models...EVERYBODY stops and asks "Who is that? Is she famous" and you get a crowd around you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Art vs. Going Green

From the end of Feb I have been seeing this Electric Fountain sculpture in Rockefeller Center. There is more info about it here:

My question is, if Rock Center is making a big push about being "green" does a piece that uses over 3400 watts of electricity support that statement? That is an interesting work.