Sunday, August 12, 2007

The long road home from Ohio...

So, we had a long drive back to Pittsburg the next day for an early AM flight to NY.
The roads were empty. So empty, that apparently there had not been another car come thru the toll both on the PA Turnpike in a loooooong time. I felt bad waking her up, but I didn't have exact change I could place on the window edge.

The flight home the was uneventful save one detail. The Airtrain....totally not worth it. If there is one piece of advice you take from my ramblings, this is it. A cab would have made far more sense than lugging gear and bags from the terminal, to the Air Train, to the LIRR, then finally to our car at the station. Did I mention we missed the Babylon local by 8 minutes and had to wait an hour for the next train?

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