Monday, November 5, 2007

Off to Philly...

I am in Philly this week for Phase III of the FINRA CRCP certificate at Wharton. Aside from the whimsy and joy of discussing SEC statutes in microscopic detail, it is actually really a great program. A three year program, the CRCP is a way to wrap up my 14 years of securities work, boil it down to it's essence and exchange ideas with other compliance and regulatory professionals about the methods and insights used to protect your investments.

Not sure if you are on the right blog? You are.
One of the reasons I provide such strong value as a photographer is that I am doing it because I truly am passionate about it and want to make your event images something you will enjoy for decades. I am well capitalized, so I can offer a package that really fits what most couples need and not push things they don't. That capital also means I don't take shortcuts to save a buck and can use the best equipment for the specific images.

Not that securities law is not fun....

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