Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sac's Pizza

Sac's holds a special place in my heart for two reasons, first, it was a date place for my wife and I and we have some nice memories there, huddled next to the fireplace on a cold night. But also...the pizza. I am convinced the the further from NY one gets, the more round bread with pasta sauce and cheese, pizza becomes. Well, maybe in the old days the epicenter of good pizza was Little Italy. But since there is only one block of Little Italy left and most of that is Korean T shirt shops, Astoria now holds the title of best pizza in NY, at least in my opinion. Hand made, old world style with a crust that is thin but not paper thin, fresh made mozzarella and just the right amount of home made sauce. Our favorite is with prosciutto and sun dried tomatoes. If artichokes are in season, you are up for a treat because they have a panfried aritchoke appitizer that is really sweet and mild. You will mop up the warm olive oil from them with your pizza crust until there is nothing left. They are that good. And while they do have a nice selection of wine, they also have an unexpected treat; a few beers from my favorite brewery, Ommegang. You folks know I am a sucker for good Belgian style beers.

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