Thursday, June 5, 2008

Transition Week for Sunny

Time for my Wife Erica to go back to the office. Because we are both in NYC just about every day, it seemed the best place to look for day care. Yeah...I know. We are not happy about it either. But at this point in our lives, day care seems like the best option for us until that Lotto thing works out.

We found an awesome place half way between our offices so we can see our daughter during the day from time to time. Great place, but I kid you is pretty close to what our mortgage is.

So to transition both Sunny and Erica in to commuter mode, we started off with transition week where they both softly transition to work and preschool mode. Neither of them were happy about it.

Like most bitter pills, we started off with something fun. Two hours of preschool, then the rest of the day with Mommy and Daddy.

What....should we do?

How about a nice lunch...

Mmmmm, Cuban sandwich!
(No! We did not actually feed a 4 Month old a Cuban Sandwhich)

Then the zoo!

She slept through the WHOLE THING!

"Easy Doc! Do you need your whole fist in there?"


Then a walk in the park to relax...
And listen to some great music!

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