Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wet NYC Wedding Photography

I am more of a hat guy than an umbrella guy and I always laugh when I see people ducking to avoid getting hit on the crowded streets of NYC by the virtual sea of umbrellas on the sidewalk. might need both a hat and an umbrella. It is pouring. Like cats and dogs. Like building an arc type of rain.
Here is a glimpse of my walk to the office, caught with my cameraphone. What does this have to do with Wedding or realestate photography? You want someone who can view the same scene a hundred times and still create new and exciting ways to see it. Someone who can tell the story visually in an dynamic way. I limit myself to only shoot 15 Weddings per year, so I can give full attention to my Bride and Grooms. They are more than clients. They are customer relationships that often turn into friendships. This type of personal can't get that from the "wedding factories" that pump out 3 weddings a weekend all year long. And it shows in the results. Your day is unique and special. Your images should be too.
Use the "contact me" button on my website and let's talk about your upcoming event to see if I am the right fit for you.

Blue Van

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