Friday, April 18, 2008

Long Island Wedding Photography

Sharpening the Skills....always working to sharpen the skills. I have fun last night at a marathon seminar that didn't let out until after 11PM. Ed Pierce is a master with over 30 years experience and his Captivated by the light tour presents some new ways of solving traditional lighting problems in a digital environment.

Not only did I gain some really great insight from the speakers into what I am doing well and why, but I learned a few new tricks and even won the raffle! I love presenting my work on framed Canvas and I won a nice 16x20 canvas print credit from WHCC, one of the Pro Only vendors I use to give my Brides the very best in prints.
By constantly sharpening my skills, I can provide the very best in Long Island and Metro NY Wedding Photography.
Interestingly, one of the hot topics of the forums was how the "wedding factory" photographers try to stay fresh and creative. I was not surprised when the straw poll came back that out of 350 seminar participants, when the question was asked: "How many of you shoot weddings"?. Almost every hand went up. "Now put your hand down if you shoot ONLY weddings" Ed said. There were three hands left, including mine.
Ed asked "Why? How can you stay creative like that"?
Parker Pfister ( ) had a very insightful presentation that summed up my philosophy... By shooting for yourself...a creative outlet in landscapes and the world around you, you can see, shoot and capture the story of your Brides Wedding day in ways you would never notice when you only shoot if you get paid for the shot...when you shoot only weddings.
J. Mitchel Photography provides the best in creative editorial Wedding and event photography in the NY Metro area. By shooting with an artists eye and mindset, I get the shots that the Wedding Factories who shoot 2 or 3 weddings each weekend can't. They get tunnelvision and resort to shooting the same stale shots week after week.
Each event is special to me, and it shows in the images.

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