Monday, February 16, 2009

20 Dates for 20 Bucks

One of my favorite places was just featured on News 12's story "20 Dates for 20 Bucks".

The Spoon Coffeehouse, in Lindenhurst, is one of those places that should be in Manhattan, cost 3x as much and have a velvet rope in front. Instead, it is down to earth, bright and friendly.

While the food is great, the place homey and comfortable...the real draw for me is the great coffee and live music. Not live music like Mulcahey's, with the amps set to 11, but think acoustic guitar, haunting vocals and music you can have a conversation over. Don't think date place just for the 20 something set either. If you are married, it is the perfect spot to keep that flame burning bright in your hearts and remind yourselves that you need to get out more often.

In addition to the music, coffee and simply have to try the Frozen Hot Chocolate. I grew up at Serendipity's and I think Spoon's Frozen Hot Chocolate is far better.

There is a rotating gallery of local artists who have their work displayed and complement the sophisticated feel of the place. I am the resident artist and always have 20 or so pieces up, so it is also a great way to see my work. In my pieces you will see a lot of everyday images, presented in a whole new way that tells a story. And, really, that is what wedding photography is all about. Telling a personal story, showing how your event is different, even though many of the motions and locations might be the same.

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