Monday, February 16, 2009

Why pro camera gear is so darn heavy and expensive!

Ok...this post is not for the faint of heart. If you are a photographer...look away. Run. Go to another web page because you do not want to see this.

Folks wonder why our gear is so heavy...why is it so expensive. What is the big deal, what is the difference anyway? My pack for Friday's architectural shoot weighed 27 lbs and was about $8k in gear, not counting the cost of the software on the Macbook I was shooting tethered to.

The below is one of the very rare pictures on my blog, that I did not take. Photo credit goes to ToykoBling.
This is one of my favorite lenses...the Nikon 14-24mm F2.8. Super sharp, amazing in low light and so wide that the state of Montana called and is jealous. It is also almost $2000. One of the reasons is that to get all that amazing takes a lot of hand ground, very special, glass. They don't normally look like this. This one was attached to a Nikon D3 and cut in half. I shoot it with the Nikon D700, but the look is the same.

The camera is magnesium, for light weight and high strength. The lens body is all metal. And all that expensive glass means it focuses very quickly, in low light and can be superbly sharp. Your Uncle's D60 or Canon Rebel doesn't have what it takes. Of course, the best tools only make the job a little easier. A camera might capture the image, but to see a great photo in your mind first takes skill, practice and a certain level of art. You want to hire a pro for special events...Uncle Bob might take great snapshots...but they are not the same as the images a pro will capture for your once in a lifetime event.

Read more about it and see more scary pictures here:

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