Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Custom Aperture Disks in a Lensbaby Picture

While photowalking in Uptown Park the other night, I came across a string of Christmas lights under an awing. It wasn't yet dark, but with a faster than proper shutter speed I darkened the image to bring out the color saturation. Unlike most Lens Baby images, where there is a point that is in strong focus, and the rest of the image is a dreamy smear, I went the other direction and pulled the Christmas lights so far out of focus, that they are taking the shape of the aperture disk. In this case, the shape of the state of Texas.
Want to try it yourself? Get Lens Baby's creative aperture kit and a box cutter. The kit gives you a few shapes to start with, and a few blanks so you can make your own. Get creative, then get to work!

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