Saturday, March 21, 2009

Forgive me Internet, for I have Sinned...

It has been almost a Month since my last blog update.
I have been bad. However, feel free to check out my facebook pages which seem to get updated more frequently although not solely with photography related banter.
Personal page:

And the J. Mitchel Photography page:

I am sure there is a short way to link that, but I have not figured it out yet.

So, it has been awhile since we have had a chat...let's catch up:

For my new viewers:
I use this blog as a way for you to get to know me. Because pictures are a commodity. But, Art, is rare. And I create one of a kind images that turn your wedding day, into art. They capture a moment with your family and children like no one else can.

Don't care about me, and just want to see the pics? No problem. for weddings and for architectural. Landscape prints are at

I have two worlds that occasionally collide. I have been a compliance and operations professional for over 15 years on Wall St. and no, I am not to blame for this mess. In fact, with more guys doing what I do, we might not even have been in it.

My other world is that of a photographer. Architectural photography pays the bills, but wedding photography and family portraits are my passion. I think my story telling ability crosses over from weddings into architecture and allows my images to have a much stronger voice than the more technical architectural images.

Occasionally, my worlds collide. And that is a good thing. In my years in the markets I have had the role of protector of assets, guardian of your future and of helping your brokers do the right thing. In that regard, I approach my photography the same way. I am your advocate. I have your best interests at heart. I offer a select group of products, like albums, and my job is to find out your needs and match you up with the service and products you really need, not push stuff I want to sell. And there is a difference. I get paid well to provide awesome images, not to push products.
There, got that out in the open. Now we can move on.

Returning already knew all that. Come back in the room.
So, I have been down in Houston doing some consulting work in the operations and trade area for the receivership of a certain large firm that may be involved in a Madoff type scheme, and coming home on the weekends. The work is interesting, the people fascinating and there is lots to both teach and learn. But, definitely hard on the wife and family, as well as myself. Fly home, see the family, shoot, shoot, shoot, hang images in a gallery, see the family, get on a plane.

I love to fly. Of course it is more fun when I am at the yoke, but I love to matter how gray or dreary the day…it is always beautiful and sunny if you go up high enough. Above the clouds there is always a sunset. And after the dusk, at night, when you are above those clouds…above the pollution, above the world of mankind and can see the heavens for what they are, you see differently. The night sky is the deepest black, but hints of intense colors behind the most brilliant sparkles of light. It is a rare treat to see a night sky for a New Yorker. You go decades or more without seeing it. I think the big blackout was the last decent one I saw. And when you do, you are awestruck. You can almost believe that there is something bigger than you. Something stronger, more powerful and with more heart and imagination than I will ever know that was able to create something so magical.

But, Houston is fun.
There are great wine bars, like the one at Truluck's.

There are cowboy bars, like The Armadillo Palace.
And even good music, like the Armadillo Playboys.
Surprisingly, a lot of fun. And there really are folks yelling "Yee Hawww!' during the show.

Did I mention the 20 foot tall concrete and stainless steel armadillo out front?

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