Sunday, May 10, 2009

Family. Like it or not, it influences who you are.

My wife and I drove up to Boston this weekend to see my Grandparents. In their mid '90's and living life like a couple of 50 year olds. My Grandfather could easily kick Jack Lalanne's butt in a dark alley at 2AM.
I know how lucky I am, at 39, to still have my Grandparents with me, cognizant and able to enjoy life. I think about the parts myself that I like the most, gentle, compassionate, strong and occasionally intelligent and even funny...and they all come from my Grandfather. Even my love of sailing, gardening and my value of family comes from him. My Grandmother is an accomplished chef who taught me to cook and largely influenced my system of values. This weekend they got to spend time with their Great Granddaughter, which was a treat for all.

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