Saturday, May 16, 2009

New York Photo Festival

I took Friday to do the NY Photo Festival in DUMBO and could not ask for better weather.
I took the train down to South Street and then walked up to the Brooklyn Bridge to walk over to DUMBO, where the festival was. You can find out more about the NYPF at
These are some of the images I made during the day:

Is it better to be lucky, or good? I think I am both. What are the odds that while I was taking pictures on the Brooklyn Bridge, I would see one of the last Checker cabs, zooming by, and nail it?

Allan Weitz, from B & H Photo, was giving an excellent presentation. Allan is an amazing photographer, who spent years shooting yacht interiors.
Folks were lined up to get their portfolios reviewed.

DUMBO is all about the lofts now.

My favorite car. The beer car.

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