Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scott Kelby NAPP Photowalk was a huge success!

The group on the Central Park Photowalk...I am in the center (white shirt/tan shorts). What is with the faces being held up? That is the image of Scott Kelby, Photoshop Guru extraordinaire and the guy who got the whole ball rollin. Scott, thanks for making this all happen!

There was no rain, there was a warm breeze and beautiful sunny skies with white puffy clouds over Central Park for the 2nd Annual National Association of Photoshop Professionals Worldwide Photowalk.
Actually, not all the clouds were puffy...I am not one for seeing things in clouds, but I thought the cross in the sky was interesting and perhaps could be used as a background image one day. I have a whole file of "stuff that may one day prove useful". When I looked at the image on screen I saw something I did not see in person. Am I the only one who sees a face in the middle of the cloud?

The Photowalk I hosted in Central Park had about 50 participants actually show up and they were of all skill levels. Some had point and shoots, many had DSLRs and at least one person had a disposable film drugstore camera. We broke the group up into 5 teams, handed out maps our intended route and went off into the park, staggered five minutes apart with my team bringing up the rear.
Keep an eye on : for images from the group as well as on the official page here:

There were tons of amazing photo opportunities along the route and some really creative shots were taken by the teams. My team exited the park at 5PM and merged with the other teams, getting most of the group back together for our walk down to Lincoln Center. At Lincoln Center, those who were able to stay the whole time got together for a group photo and ten of us grabbed dinner at Peters, on Columbus Avenue.

While this photowalk was sponsored by the National Asssociation of Photoshop Professionals, I do offer other photowalks that incorporate a strong educational component.
Photowalks are generally the second and third Saturday of the month and cover such areas as:
Central Park
Off Camera Flash
The M mode on your camera and how to use it
and I will soon be offering a photowalk of The Highline in NYC.

Photowalks are $50 and are approximately 4 hours on the streets of NYC and Long Island. Please contact me if you have an interest in joining us.

Below are some of my images from yesturday's photowalk.

Fire hydrant, 50mm with a 20 mm extention tube.
Same lens setup, 50mm with a 20mm extention tube...close up of a tire on a backhoe doing contruction work.

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