Friday, May 9, 2008

Is the Economy affecting your Wedding Budget?

Harder times are starting to take hold and many folks are cutting back on luxuries and giving serious thought to their own personal "Latte Factor". Even Kitty here, caught on 5th Ave in NYC begging for a saucer of cream, is starting to feel the pinch and is willing to go to half & half.

Your Wedding is a once in a lifetime event. But that doesn't mean the best way to start a marriage is to put yourself in debt paying for your Wedding. There are tons of ways to make your Wedding budget go further while having a beautiful, memorable and elegant event.

Think about stacking beautifully wrapped favors as centerpieces instead of the traditional flowers. They make a wonderful presentation, can be color coordinated to your look, no one has allergies to them, no one fights over who takes them home because everyone gets one save on flowers because you are giving the favors anyway.

Another way to make your Wedding buget go further is to look beyond the Wedding Factory photography studios and the venue's house vendor list that treat Weddings as a boring chore. Using a smaller, independent photographer can often get you more creative images, more personal attention and a far better value.

J. Mitchel Photography provides outstanding creative Wedding photography in the NYC Metro area starting at just $1500. Most of my Brides are complete with beautiful custom albums for under $2500.

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