Monday, May 5, 2008

Macro Mondays...Today's Post on noticing the beauty around You

Boring ride to the office today on my usual 7:32 from Baldwin to Penn. But there is beauty and a unique view almost anywhere if you look hard enough.
This first of three images is the treeline thru the train window at normal view. Notice how the acid rain marks balance the light and dark green of the trees as we fly by? Abstract, but kinda cool anyway.
Take a look at the lettering molded into the window. Gotta love that GE makes light bulbs, jet engines, nuclear submarines and train windows. They got all their bases covered.

Now lets take a closer look at that lettering...See how the light has changed and now it is smooth tones black to white? You can see how the letters were melted into the window and appear almost chrome like. The acid marks have depth.

Last one, then you can move on...I promise.
The letters are chrome now, as if raised from a steel plate, cold and forboding. If the Terminator were Italian, he might be made from an advanced Atofina alloy.

Amazing how the view and the story changes the closer you get.

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