Sunday, May 11, 2008

Janeda & Michael's Engagement Session...Sneak Peak

If you read my blog regularly (Hi Mom!), you know that the blog rarely has Wedding images on it. I have been using it more as a sort of get to know me on the personal side kind of thing. Just images from my daily travels, meandering thoughts kinda thing. But Janeda specifically here it is:
A sneak peak image from Saturday's engagement session
Janeda and Michael are diehard Mets fans, and got some great seats last night at the last minute. Sounds like it was a good Mets game last night...even if they didn't win this time. Pssst. Want to see some cool Mets pictures? Check on on my website, the real estate images section...then click on Citi Field. I shoot for the construction company building the new stadium and did a marketing shoot for the mock ups of the new Sky Booths in the stadium.

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