Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 23rd NYC Photowalk is Sold Out!

Wow! That was fast. All 50 spots are spoken for on the August 23rd NYC Photowalk I am leading.
The group will meet at the Columbus Circle Fountain, walk under the Trump globe then meander through Central Park, stopping at the boat pond, bridges and tunnels, exit the park at the Hayden Planetarium and walk down Columbus and Broadway to Lincoln Center.

From the emails I have received here are the answers to the FAQS:
No experience needed.

A $4 disposable camera would work as well as the latest greatest camera. In fact, maybe better because you can take risks with it you would not take with a $5k DSLR.

This is more about learning to see creatively, than the tech side of photography.

Everything in Central Park has been shot before, but not through your eyes. Come up with a theme or mission to force yourself to think creatively.
Something like:
Show your feet in every picture, but still have the picture offer a strong sense of place, or a "moment". Could be a sock puppet, could be your hand....could be anything...does not have to be your feet...but the idea is then you start to think of how to show you are in Central Park and how your shoes might be interesting as part of that. My wife has a bunch of pictures taken from a lounge chair in resorts or beaches on various vacations. We call it Toes Around the World. Don't look for it in a musuem anytime soon, but it is cool and creative. Or you could try to show a sign or a name in every picture, perhaps take every picture from 5 inches off the ground...something to force you to see differently.

Travel light.

Less gear means more mobility and forces you to use what you have creatively

The schedule is for a two hour walk. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. At the two hour mark we should end up at the Lincoln Center Fountain. From there, if there is interest in folks grabbing a casual dinner, we can do that (separate checks? Split costs? Whatever) and then photowalk some more as the sun sets in Manhattan.

There will be a widevariety of skills with us. The best of them will make mistakes,and the newest will have happy accidents. Such is life.

More details on this Photowalk?

Read the FAQs posted there as well.

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ahmetze said...

Hi Jeff, thank you so much again for organizing the osp get together but yet you are doing another one, and this one sounds even better. Its too bad i found out late, otherwise i would love to attend, and meet with you again. Now i have to stalk your blog to see whats coming up :))