Sunday, August 17, 2008

It has been a fun week! (Okay, not really)

We started the week off by spending the night in the hospital with my Brother, and ended the week with my Daughter, Sunny Logann, leaving daycare early, with a fever. A trip to the Doctor on Saturday Morning, and our fears are confirmed. Coxcakie Virus. It is one of those things kids get. No treatment except for the symptoms and she is just going to be unhappy for a few days. She has moments where she is happy and laughing...then suddenly she is not.

We were playing on the grass Saturday afternoon, when in an instant, she went from happy to not. Even with the puss on her face, she is still adorable.

In other news, Confetti, my Wife's cat of 19 years, was put down today. I am not a cat person...but I actually did like the little fuzzball. When my Wife Erica and I met, I had a Golden Retriever. The month we bought our home, Madison passed on after 13 years. Hardest thing I ever had to do. So I know how hard it was for Erica to make that decision this Morning. I am trying to be as supportive as I can.

Edit Wednesday August 20th***
Ok, so Erica caught it from the baby and added bronchitis. She enjoyed high fever, chills ( I had 7 blankets on her!) and aches. I took care of her and baby on Monday, pushing a shoot of a brownstone in NYC until Tuesday, when Erica's sister was able to take over.
I got to spend a few nights on the couch (to not get sick...not that I did anything wrong!).

Tuesday I was on site at 5Am to get night and twilight shots of the exterior. Much easier to shoot at 5am, when there are no passersby than at 8PM, when there are tons of folks walking the upper West side of NYC. The extra day actually worked out well because the home staging consultant did a fantastic job and even as I was shooting, we worked together to present the home at it's best. Stunning woodwork and craftsmanship that you just don't see everyday. Tons of cool pocket doors, stained glass transoms and a NYC rarity...a real backyard!

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