Saturday, October 25, 2008

Photo Plus Expo...Day Two: The MPIX Popular Photography Rick Sammon New York Water Taxi Boat Cruise

Big Thank You to Popular Photography magazine and MPIX, the consumer version of Millers (one of the pro labs I use...They are AWESOME!) for sponsoring and setting up the morning activities.
The boat was packed with well over 50 photographers as we toured NYC by water. There were great lessons taught by Carey Schumacher of Barefoot Memories Photography of San Diego and from the featured speaker, Rick Sammon
I think we all put them to good use as we viewed New York Harbor, networked and made friends.
Here are a few images I shot:

There is a small possibility I have a speaking role in Rick's next DVD. Like 3 seconds worth.
A three hour tour....a three hour tour...
Actually, the weather was perfect. The seas were fine and we didn't even need to build a radio out of bamboo. (Am I really the only one who remembers watching Gilligan's Isle growing up?)
I just love the colors and contrast. I love to mush them up with a unique lens, called a Lens Baby. The blur is harder to get right than you would think. I had trouble for Months...but somehow with the Nikon D700, it just all comes together for me now.

Hard to believe such great architecture leaks like a sieve. The windows at the U.N. are notorious for it. J. Mitchel Photography is the go to source for architectural images in NY and provides architectural photography to construction companies, project management and architectural firms.
That's Ben. Awesome shooter, all around great guy and light monkey extraordinaire.

Old and new, side by side on the water.
Rick Sammon
Are we still doing the colors? I thought we stopped that nonsense?

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