Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Q4 08 MMP

If you follow my blog, you know at least two things about me:
1) I Use my blog as a way for you to get to know me and by seeing through my eyes, to know my photography.
2) I believe that any relationship is hard work. Marriage is no exception. My wife and I make sure to dedicate time alone to treasure what makes each other so special, and why when we are together...it is like nothing else. I call these MMPs. Marriage Maintenance Plans. Four times a year, we get away to someplace we have never been and focus on us. No distractions from daily life. Usually they are just a long weekend away, exploring someplace new, and a little bit of each other along the way. This time we are headed down to the Sun Coast of Florida.

This is Sunny's 3rd time with us and her first time on an airplane.

In her own seat, with a view of the world. She was happy and well behaved the whole flight. SouthWest was great and on the early AM flight, we had the back of the plane to ourselves.
We rented a condo on the beach in Bel Aire, near Clearwater/Tampa. Coincidentally I ran into this Chevy Bel Air in the Publix parking lot!
Staying on the beach was great! Literally steps to the Gulf of Mexico and clear bluegreen waters. We saw Dolphins swimming along the beach.Love the deep blue sky and the palm trees.
Love my wife and baby more. Sunny's first time in a pool and she had a blast splashing around. Erica loved the sun, the view and the warm salt air breeze.
With a gorgeous sunset at our fingertips, I would say the romance portion of our MMP was on track. It was certainly a romantic moment for this couple on the beach.
Once the sun went down, the night sky took over. Without the light pollution that we see in NY, we could truly see the stars in the heavens.

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