Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Speed the Plow on Broadway

I am a big fan of David Mamet (sadly, I can pretty much recite Alec Baldwin's speech in Glenn Gary Glenn Ross in it's entirety), of the HBO series Entourage and love the AMC series Madmen. So to go see Piven and Moss in Speed the Plow was a no brainer.
Either I was the first one to call in for tickets, or the American Express Conceirge service really, really likes me because I was able to get two in the middle of the 5th row.

As an early engagement present, my Wife and I took a rare day to ourselves. We spent the morning wandering through a sunlight Central Park. We had an amazing lunch at Remi, enjoying the courtyard and being outdoors while still being warm and toasty. At 2 we made our way to the classic theatre and our comfy seats.

I have never taken any theatre classes...just never interested me. I go to the occasional B'way show...because, well, I live in NY and I feel guilty if I don't at least enjoy some of what it has to offer. Spamalot, Hairspray...maybe a few others over the years. Maybe because I have seen the actors in other roles...but I have always thought that TV/movie actors had it easy because they are only "on" for a few seconds to a few minutes at a time. With only three actors in the entire show, Piven and Esparza were "on" for the entire hour and a half and they didn't miss a beat. Moss was very strong as well, but I have a newfound respect for what it takes to do that. To provide that much of yourself for so long and so passionately to the role. The play was great. The performance...AWESOME.

After the show, we enjoyed an extended afternoon playtime with our daughter. And that was the best anniversary gift of all.

UPDATE 10/29/08 NY Times Review:

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