Tuesday, February 5, 2008

16 Aircraft Engineers=12 Volts

The 16 Swedish aircraft engineers performed diagnostics, replaced the battery and ran the pre-flight checklist. We are go for takeoff. OK, I may be getting carried away with the airplane lingo. I like Saab's new "Born from Jets" line of advertising and I miss the days I used to fly Cessna 172's and Piper Warriors over the beach.

Weird about the battery going, because the car behaved totally fine, even on very cold mornings. I have never had a battery go from totally fine, to non-functional instantly. The only thing I can think of, and my analytical mind won't let it rest, is that one of the lead plates in the battery was so sulfated that it fractured or broke off during the drive into NYC on some bad potholes, and shorted the battery itself. I would not have noticed a problem because the car was running and the alternator was providing juice.

Baby is doing well. A little Jaundice, which is common. That is why we were at the Dr. today. Amazing how she has totally changed my life already. I spent twenty minutes in a staring contest with her today. She won.

Photo wise, I am excited...I have a show coming up at Grind in Bellmore in early March and I have some great new stuff. I also have three special images I can't wait to hang in Spoon, in Lindenhurst. It is just a great place and I just don't get out there as often as I want to.
I have a bunch of weddings booked for 08 with such awesome couples. I am really looking forward to them.

Oh, the picture? That's me a few years ago taking a Cessna 172 up from Republic over Fire Island.

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