Monday, February 4, 2008

Finally...A tow home

I don't plug many products or companies, but I know good service. And when a company and their people go out of their way to deliver good stuff, I have to give them props.

I called my auto insurance, Geico, and through out a 20 minute phone call, my rep John, and his supervisor Chris, were just awesome. They totally understood my circumstances and even though my coverage (which I did not even know I had, thanks Dad for suggesting it) only provided a tow to the nearest dealer (a block away), they worked it out so not only would they tow my car on a flatbed from the West side of NYC to the Saab dealer near my home, in Rockville Centre, but the awesome driver, Lee, from All City Towing, drove me home after we dropped the car at the closed dealer around 10PM.

Cost? $0.00 (well, I did give Lee a nice tip, but that is not really a cost...just a way of saying thanks).

Now...hopefully those 16 aircraft engineers at Saab can get me up and running quickly. I am hoping it is just a battery. The car is 4 and a half years old and still on the original it is time. Just weird to go totally flat and not even be able to be jumped.

Baby and mom are doing well. The cat is curious...but cautious.

My dad was unable to remove the car seat from his car. But a quick call to my brother and we had tons of family over to see the baby and remove the seat in no time flat.

It has been a loooooong weekend. Oh's Monday. Weekend is over.
HEY! Tomorrow is my birthday! 38....Is that old? I forget.

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