Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Babies like late night tv

I had heard that babies have their internal clocks off by 12 hours and even suggested to my wife that she do opposite days for a week prior to birth just to see if that would help...but she didn't bite on that one.
Baby Sunny Logann likes to sleep most of the day, but insists on watching TV from 12-3 AM each night while feeding. This is after feeding from 7-10 PM. She especially likes the infomercial with Erik Estrada ("Ponch" from TV's '70s show CHiPs) hawking Arkansas realestate.
1:20AM Sunny and I were experimenting with strobing a flash to see how many times we could catch the same snowflake in a single shot as it drifted from the heavens. We got to six before she finally fell asleep on my arm. That worked out well, because the snow started to change over to rain and I was really tired.

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