Monday, February 11, 2008

The first week with a baby...

Some thoughts from my first week with my baby:

It is amazing how quickly you become attached and dependent upon one another.

My left arm is killing me because I was holding Sunny all weekend while doing the image processesing from a recent wedding. The concept of not holding her in my arms as she slept and I worked seemed foreign.

Crying...babies cry. Sometimes even they do not know why. My wife and I check the top three causes, and do the best we can. When they cry, it can be a tolerable sound or a shrieking hell that could wake the dead. I am convinced that someone should market a car alarm that has the siren on the inside, and it should blare a baby's cry. No car thief could remain inside for more than a few seconds. Even with headphones blasting the Ramones.

Sunny likes the sound the wine fridge makes and when I hold her and stand next to the door of the furnace room when the heat is on. The "soothing" sounds on the "Happiest Baby" dvd sounds remarkably like the sound the submarine Red October made when running on their "catapillar" silent drive.

She discovered her hands this weekend and now grips my finger tightly and holds one to my neck when I hold her to my shoulder. She sometimes tracks my movements with her eyes and head...this is new.

She makes this chirping noise and a cooing once in a while when sleeping. Very cute.

My wife is home with her and I made it into the office to get some work done...I miss them both.

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You are so sweet. I am a fellow osp-er and a new parent too. Our son is about 7 months and man you are making me happy he is this age. You forget all the stuff in the beginning. You forget trying so hard to keep them awake in the day and constantly holding them oh yeah and you forget that you are married....excuse me who are you husband and i said that to eachother a lot in the beginning. Well I love that picture!! Congratulations!!!