Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's not always Sunny in Miami

Maybe just a cute play on words, but I am in Miami for a couple of days and already miss my daughter Sunny and of course my wife Erica.

I am heading to Coconut Grove for two days of FINRA classes on Ethics.
I have spent more than the last 15 year on Wall Street in trade operations and compliance. Ethics is something that constantly comes into play. One of the examples to be discussed in the course, is doing business in a foreign country where bribes are part of the culture and not only accepted, but the way things are does a responsible company handle that? Adopt a "when in Rome" attitude? It is just not that easy. It is an interesting course with real world applications that nobody likes to talk about, but have broad reaching effects.
What is FINRA? for more details.

Not sure if you are on the right blog? You are.

What does this have to do with the best Wedding Photography on Long Island? Well, it is interesting to see how my worlds collide.

The ethics course isn't just about the financial world. The next time you are at a reception venue and they show you a "Preferred Vendor" list, ask the coordinator how much kickback they are getting from the photography studio. I have been asked for 15-25%. I won't do it and never have. Anybody recommending me, is doing so because I provide outstanding work for a reasonable rate, Not because I am paying them. Not all venues do this, but many do. Ask them about it. It doesn't mean the photographer is a bad photographer...but it is something that is effecting your purchase and you want to think about it. What is the "right" answer? Ideally, the venue should be open with you about it, be able to explain why they do it and have it make sense to you.

One of the reasons J. Mitchel Photography provides such a strong value as a photographer is that I am doing it because I truly am passionate about it. I have the skills, knowledge, and resources to make your images something you will enjoy for decades. I price my services very aggressively to make them accessible to young folks just starting out. Together, You and I create a package that really fits your unique needs and make it work for your budget.

The Miami classes are the last ones in the FINRA CRCP Wharton School certificate program. The CRCP is a way to wrap up my 15 + years of securities work, boil it down to it's essence and exchange ideas with other compliance and market professionals about the methods we use to protect your investments. You can read more about it here:

Oh, the cute baby in the slightly crumpled picture above? That is Ms. Sunny Logann, my 5 week old daughter.

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