Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not Quite Summertime Yet...

But I was down at the Lido Beach mushrooms scouting some engagement shoot locations on Sunday. The Cabanas are still all wrapped up for Winter, but there were some dogs walking their owners on the beach.

The Lido Beach Mushrooms are one of my favorite photo locations. They are just not something you will see anywhere else. Who took your picture? Only The Shadow Knows...
A little cross processed look to the image here. Not bad for a cameraphone.

The Mushrooms are concrete shelters at the beach park. Most folks don't know that across the street was an active Nike (no, not the sneaker) nuclear missle launch site until the mid '60s. The bunkers are still in the ground there, near the school buses. The below images courtesy of Google Maps:
And the "Magic Mushrooms" of Lido Beach:

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