Monday, March 24, 2008

Traveling for Easter

We are heading up to the Grandparents in Boston for the Weekend. First time for them to see the baby. Everybody seems to think my daughter looks like me. I was hoping she would look like my wife, who is the good looking one. I got to spend some time playing Bob Vila and fixed stuff around the house.

At 94, my grandfather could kick Jack La Lanne's ass. Sharp as a tack, but twice as dangerous. With 40 years as a proctologist, he has a great sense of humor and can always see the brighter side of things.

My grandmother, Chef extraordinaire, has sharp tastebuds only exceeded by her sharp wit. She could debate Clinton...ANY Clinton and make him or her cry.

We were supposed to stay until Monday, but could not get anyone to cat sit for my wife's cat on Monday. Apparently a 19 year old cat needs a chaperone. Wild parties and such. So we make the trek home on Sunday night. TWO AND A HALF HOURS from Newton to I84 on the Mass Pike. Normally, 45 minutes. Maybe the toll collectors all took break at once? Once thru the tolls, it was clear sailing all the way home.
The way up, 3 hours and 32 MPG. The return trip, 5.5 hours, 28 MPG. I love that Saab has a "NightPanel" button. Turns off all the gauges and lights except the speedo. Nice dark dash.
Baby slept the whole way up. We stopped to feed and changer her on the way back. McDonald's coffee is still Waaaaaay too hot for me.

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