Friday, March 14, 2008

One Night Only...OK, Two Actually.

Sunday Morning my time at The Grind is up until another couple of months, so definitely stop by Grind in Bellmore tonight or Saturday night and view/purchase my landscape prints.
The prints present some unique views of life in NYC and Long Island with lots of energy, color and light. I am also showing the Doors images from my Artisan Series of work in Italy.

Can't make it to The Grind? Stop by Spoon, in Lindenhurst! They always have my work up and I call that place my second home. Tell Joe you came because you saw it on the blog. That will drive him nuts. Speaking of would be if you went there and did not get a frozen hot chocolate. Better yet...go there on a Saturday night for some really good live music and dessert.

Remember, if the folks shooting your wedding are not artists, they are just pushing a button on a black box. Your wedding deserves more than that. For the best in Long Island Wedding Photography, go to

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